Our Staff

Senior Management Team

Rachael Gibbons


Natasha Gordon

Deputy Principal/Yr7&8 teacher

Julie Barnett (DRS)

Year 7-8 Director of Religious Education (On leave for 2020 to write the new Religious Education Curriculum)

Teaching Staff

Bridget King - Acting DRS

Year 0-1

Rosie McIntyre

Year 2-3

Grenville Baker

Year 3-4

Carla Wilson

Year 5-6

Natasha Gordon

Year 7-8

Gaylene Edmonds

Year 1-2

Tanya Coogan

Reading Recovery/Senco

Administration / Office

Michelle Jones

Office Administrator

Learning Support

Maree Potaka

Learning Support/After School Care

Tanya Gordon

Learning Support

Rachel McKay

After School Care Support.