Behaviour Management

St Joseph’s School actively promotes an environment where staff and students feel safe and secure and enjoy their experiences at school. We place particular emphasis on:

• School values- Respect, love, excellence, service, justice, hope

• Positive relationships

• Achieving success and Excellence

• Participation in a wide variety of opportunities

• Promoting personal responsibility and developing self-discipline

• Respect for all individuals

The basic aim of behaviour management is to maintain the Catholic culture of our school by promoting respect, responsibility and developing decision–making skills. We encourage children to take responsibility for their actions and behaviour when making decisions. “Right Choices” give children an understanding that appropriate behaviour and actions are linked to positive experiences and relationships. Conversely “Wrong Choices” are linked to consequences that are negative.

All children have had the programme fully explained to them and have an understanding of acceptable standards. Children are aware of the consequences of wrong decisions and that it is their choice to act inappropriately or not. They know that “Right Choices” based on the Mission Statement of our school will be recognised and acknowledged.

Education is about teamwork. It is important that we have your support as we encourage children with their learning – both academically and socially. We believe that a consistent approach and clear expectations are essential to any school-wide management programme.

St Joseph’s School’s behavioural management programme is based on Goal 2 of the National Educational Priorities:

“Schools will provide a safe physical and emotional environment for all its students.”



♦ Hands are for helping

♦ Do as asked by adults

♦ Positive language only

♦ Treat others with respect

♦ Respect the property of everyone

♦ Be safe and allow everyone to be safe


♦ Hitting, kicking or touch that hurts

♦ Not doing as asked, answering back

♦ Swearing

♦ Repeated baiting, bullying of others

♦ Deliberately damaging things

♦ Serious actions, which endanger yourself and others.

All classrooms will have on display a copy of the SCHOOL-WIDE EXPECTATIONS plus their own class rules or treaty. A child making “wrong choices” may be placed on the Lunch Club. In making this decision staff will take into account the seriousness of the actions and the age and maturity of the child.

HPS points st joes taih.pdf

This system is currently under review and will be going through a review process.

We will be looking to be a PB4L school in 2021.